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Frequently Asked Questions
How are the children disciplined? We make use of the time-out system. A good routine, calm and happy classroom atmosphere and positive feedback to good behaviour all leed to moulding responsible young children. children are encouraged and assisted in finding alternative methods to deal with the issues causing them anger or frustration. 
Do we have to put in snacks? We supply breakfast and a well balanced lunch. Sandwiches and cooldrink midmorning and at 3pm are also included but parents could kindly add a yoghurt or fruit if they want.
Do the children wear uniforms? Clearly marked clothes suitable for outdoor play is preferred. We also have T-shirts and tracksuits with our logo on available.
Do you provide snacks for the children? The morning snacks are to be provided by the parents, but we do serve a well balanced lunch and an afternoon snack.
My daughters hair is long, do I need to tie it up? Avoid using ornate hair clips as children quickly remove these and they are easily lost.
Is their a uniform? No, but we find that Velcro shoes greatly increase the independence of the child in the environment.