Childsplay Educare Questionnaire
With the opening of Early Childhood Centers approaching, we need to urgently determine a few important things. Please answer the following questions as soon as possible. All information will be kept private and confidential.
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1.1 Parent's name and surname *
1.2 Parent's Email Address *
1.3 Parent's Cell *
2. Name of child *
3. How many members in your household?*
4. Do the other children in your household attend school at the moment?*
5. Are the parents back at work post lockdown?*
6. Place of employment, eg. hospital, office etc. *
7. What was the general health status of your family been during lockdown and currently? Please elaborate *
8. Does anyone in your family/household have a chronic illness/ disease/ autoimmune disease or co-morbidity?*
9. Has anyone in your household traveled outside of the Western Cape or South-Africa in the last two weeks?*
10. Has anyone in your household been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19?*
11. When Childsplay Educare opens, will you be sending your child back on a permanent basis?*
12. Despite all measures that will be taken to provide a clean and healthy environment, how concerned are you sending your child to Childsplay Educare regarding possible exposure? *
13. What are your expectations when returning to school? *
14. If your child is to return to Childsplay Educare, do you expect strict social distancing to apply between children?*
15. If "Other" please explain
16. According to the Standard Operating Procedures of Dep. of Social Development, children under 5 years are NOT required to wear a mask or face shield. Are you comfortable with this?*
17. Are you comfortable with Childsplay Educare providing meals cooked on the premises?*
18. If your child shows any signs of illness or fever above 37.5C, you will be responsible to collect him/her immediately. The child would need to stay home until cleared by a medical doctor before attending school again. Will you be able to commit fully and respect these rules?*
19. No parent/guardian/etc will be allowed to enter Childsplay Educare as per our regulations. Dropping off and screening will take place in front of entrance. *
20. Please confirm your child's attendance.*
21. Please confirm days your child will be attending.*
22. What allergies does your child have?*
23. Does your child have any underlying health issues?*
24. I understand that my child will attend Childsplay Educare because it is my own choice and I have full faith in the measures in place to combat the spread of disease there.*